Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, founder of the Sirolli Institute and a world-renowned economic-develpoment expert, learned the hard way that we is a more powerful word than I. Sirolli, who got his  start in sustainable development by doing aid work in Africa in the early 1970s, told a TEDx audience in 2012 that what many "experts" knew about sustainable development has turned out to be wrong.
       At the age of 21, he worked for an Itallian NGO and "every single project that we set up in Africa failed," Sirolli's first project was to teach villagers in southern Zambia to grow tomatoes.

"Everything in Africa grew beautifully. We had these magnificent tomatoes... we were telling the Zambians, 'Look how easy agriculture is.'When the tomatoes were nice and ripe and red , overnight, some 200 hippos came out from the river and they ate everything. [Laughter] And we said to the Zambians, 'My God, the hippos!' And the Zambians said,' Yes that's why we have  no agriculture  here.[laughter]
      " 'Why didn't you tell us?' You never asked.' "
If you want to help someone, shut up and listen. That's what Sirolli learned from his early experience in sustainable agriculture. "You never arrive in a community with any ideas , " he said.
Instead, he recommends, capture the passion, energy, and imagination of the people living in the community.
As we have discussed, passion is the foundation of a success in business, in a careers, and in public speaking. As it turns out, passion is crucial ingredient of success in Sirolli's work, too. "You can give somebody an idea. If that person doesn't want to do it, what are you going to do? The passion that the person has for her  own growth is the most important thing. The passion that that man has his own personal growth is the most important thing . And then we help them to go and find the knowledge, because nobody in the world can succeed alone. The person with the idea may not have the knowledge, but the knowledge is available."
You're reading this because you have a passion for a personal growth. You've probably mastered (or are close to mastering) the topic on which you speak. Don't be afraid to share your excitement. It will rub off on your audience.

"It is our experience that the very best executives are the ones who are the most  passionate about what they do."

                                                              Ron Baron, billionaire investor


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