Ralph Waldo Emerson once said," Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm." Professors Joyce Bono at the University of Minnesota and Remus Ilies at Michigan State University have proved Emerson right. The business-school professors conducted four separate studies with hundreds of participants to measure charisma, positive emotions, and "mood contagion".
       The researches found that "individuals who are rated high on charisma tend to express more positive emotions n their written and spoken communications." Positive emotions include passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and optimism. Bono and Ilies also discovered that positive emotions are contagious, lifting the moods of the participants in the audience. Participants who listened and watched positive leaders in person and on video experienced a more positive mood than those who watched leaders rated low for positive emotions. Further, positive leaders were perceived as more effective and therefore more likely to persuade their followers to do what they want their followers to do.
     "Results of our study clearly indicate that leaders' emotional expressions play an important role in the information of followers perceptions of leaders effectiveness, attraction to leaders, and followers mood. Our results also suggest that charismatic leadership is linked to organizational success because charismatic leaders enable their followers to experience positive emotions. More importantly, our results indicate that the behaviour of leaders can make a difference in the happiness and well-being of the followers by influencing their emotional lives."
     It's been said that success doesn't lead to happiness ; happiness creates success. The most popular
speakers reflect the truth of that aphorism. How you think ___ the confidence you have in your expertise, the passion you have for your topic__ directly impacts your communications presence. Thoughts change your brain chemistry, shaping what you say and how you say it.
    When you're passionate about your topic__ obsessively so__ the energy and enthusiasm you display will rub off on your listeners. Don't be afraid to express yourself__ your authentic self. If you're inspired like Dr. Jill,share it. If you're frustrated like Larry Smith, say so. If you're happy like Mattieu Ricard, express it.


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