The New Science Of Passion And Persuasion

Passion and public speaking are intimately connected.
French philosopher once said, "Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things." Success-full leaders throughout history have speculated that - great passions-can elevate the soul.
Today science proves them right. Neuro-scientists have discovered and have able to quantify why passionate people like motivational speakers and great leaders inspire, energize and influence other people.

Passion is the best Persausion

In the world of marketing and in life, we all acquire persuasive moxie, it’s a survival skill.  People view persuasion in different ways – for example, a salesman making cold calls verses a creative director presenting a new campaign or idea.  However you choose to use your powers of persuasion there is one steadfast approach I’ve always based my presentations around – passion.
Passion allows you the opportunity to speak freely and earnestly about how you feel on a particular topic or subject.  I’ve found that it provides you the ability to showcase and leverage the following critical emotions of any presentation.


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